Justin (thashowboy) wrote,

An actual conversation I had, somewhat paraphrased

Me: So you have a gay brother?
Him: Yeah you didn't know that?
Me: No, so was he born gay?
Him: Kinda always new (goes into long diatribe about how said guys mother most likely had an opportunity to squash the gayness, but told him it was alright if he was.)
Me: So does he get offended if you call him a fag?
Him: Fag no, faggot yes?
Me: So what the hell does he have against and O and T (As I say this i'm constantly replaying the Kids in the Hall sketch where Scott Thompson compares the T in faggot to Jesus on the cross, and from now on they should be called "faggos")
Him: Well, I guess its kind of like the difference between -a and -er

and it took me longer than 5 seconds to get that analogy, I am really ashamed in myself.
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