Justin (thashowboy) wrote,

The genetic stick

I have a cousin named Jeremiah. To be completely 100% honest about him, he is a train wreck. I can't blame him, he was brought up in horrible circumstances and never really had an outlet, so he drifted towards drugs and metal. I got to see Jeremiah recently, he seemed completely toasted, which is no surprise. I asked him how his children were doing (he had a set of twins last time I saw him). Well he has four kids now. Twin boys, a little girl, and his newest creation, who's name is Jeremiah DIMEBAG Abbott Cobain.. His sons middle name is Dimebag.

While the 14yr old hessian in me appreciates his dedication, the rest of me just bows his head and sighs, knowing in 20 years i'm going to be paying in some way shape or form either welfare or prison, to a person whos middle is Dimebag.
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